TianHao Support For Customer
Customers first, human nature is supreme
Since the customer considers to buy a TianHao product, we offer service  including pre-sale, middle sale, after sale, we always pay attention to Clients. Customers want to closely ensure seamless service system in the first time to understand the customer needs, strong execution will ensure that the first time to meet customer needs Demand. Even if the client has not yet found its own potential demand, we also been one step ahead, so that customer's production processes closer to perfection.
Only for customer satisfaction

We insist on focusing on the adhesive sealant dispensing equipment industrial automation technology.

Insist on precision machining parts for each machine.

Insist on the production site for each machine must have five years work experience in technical supervision of senior engineers.

Adhere to each machine should be check carefully by personnel worker with more than 5 years work experience, ensure that each machine runs normally time of less than 15 days before the factory.

Adhere to each machine are random person sent to the customer production site operates education and training, so that all production issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Insist on receiving a user reported that impaired information processing is given within 3 hours after the views of customers within 24 hours to reach the site for maintenance.

Our service

We have Complete independent technology software and design staff.

So we can provide quick response and timely after-sales service, At the same time we are able to provide dispensing solutions for every application required precise dispensing of fluids.

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