Epoxy resin (AB glue)metering & mixing dispensing machine
Production Intruduction

The TH-2004AB metering & mixing dispensing machine is a cost effect solution,suiting for the low viscosity material and A.B mixing ratio from 1:1 to 3:1 by weight.

Standard CE Approved
Control E-pneumatic
Liquid ratio Automatic
Mixing method static mixer
Feed system 1gallon
Cleaning way automatic cleaning function can select
Operating Model Manual, Timer/cycles
Start way Foot Pedal, Finger Switch
Air Output 0.1bar~7bar
Dispensing time 0.001~99.99S
Cycles (interval) time 0.1~9.9S
Repeatability 0.001S
Leak-proof function valve with Vacuum device
Air Input >5 bar(1bar =1.01972kg/cm² =14.5038psi)
Input voltage 110/220VAC(Internal conversion)
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 710X420X270mm
Weight 27kgs




Applications (3 & 4 D)
1. TH-2004AB's action is automatic mix/meter and quantity dispensing.
2. Have a big capacity cartridge, don't need to transfer material. Avoids waste. To feed the tank using a special material, handling non-stick glue.
3. Adopted with the TH-700J pneumatic double-liquid valve can interrupt the flow quickly without dripping.
4. Static mixer which can mix liquid evenly. Mix evenly and quickly. Easy to Maintain.
5. The auto-cycling function can reduce the labor intensity and increases the production.
6. Integrated micro computer, imported parts, stable performance, the dispensing time can be set through the digital dial.
7. The TH-2004AB machine has an automatic cleaning functio.
8. The pedal/ring/inductive switches can be chosen.
9. Can be complete with an accessory dispensing kit.
  • relay
  • energy saving lamps
  • LED
  • capacitor
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