Glue dispenser-Timed shot-two modes
Production Intruduction

A popular analog dispenser series featuring dual 110/220V operation. An all-purpose dispenser, versatile and easy to use in a few simple steps – hook up the barrel adapter assembly (selection included) - connect the air and power - set the timer - load the barrel with material - set the air regulator – press the foot switch and start dispensing.

Repeatability 0.01S
Auto Cycles NO
Quantitative Knob
Time Display Scale Table
Standard CE Approved
Start Foot Pedal, Finger Switch
External Control NO Voltage & Only Swith Signal
Frequency > 600times/minute
Vacuum function Leak-proof vacuum adjusting organ
Air input >5 bar (1bar =1.01972kg/cm² =14.5038psi)
Power Supply AC110V/220VInternal conversion
Working Temperature 0 ~40℃
Relative Humidity 20~90%(no condensation)
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 241×210×70mm
Weight <3.5Kgs



1. Manual/quantitative dispensing function.
2. Handles all fluids quantitative and steady output.
3. Has an analog timer with a knob to arrive dosing require.
4. QUOTE USA high-speed solenoid valve MAC.
5. Quote Precision pressure regulator .
6. Vacuum control keeps thin fluids from dripping.
7. Use of metal quick connectors, loading and unloading more convenient, durable.
8. Foot pedal or ring switch can controlled.
9. Complete with an accessory dispensing kit.
10. Small in size,it can save working space.
  • IC
  • audio
  • transistors diode
  • color LCD
  • PCB
  • Motor
  • speaker
  • watch
  • mobile
  • watch
  • phone
  • camera
  • optical heads
  • optical machinery
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