TH-2004D Dispensing robots
Glue dispensing robot Silicon dispensing robot Fluid dispensing robot
Dispenser Robot saving costs in material waste, rejects, time and labor. Desktop dispensing robot offer reliable operation with excellent repeatability for precise application of adhesives, liquid gaskets, resins and UV materials in many assembly and manufacturing processes. Usually in 300ML.400ml.500ml.600ml polyethylene-aluminum packed silicon dispensing and coating glue. Such as Glass glue, silicon glue, seal glue. Fluid dispensing robots are an ideal robot for automating a current dispensing application. With the various work areas offered almost every application can be fitted on one of the F4000N models.
TH-2004D-K Glue dispensing robot TH-2004D-KG Silicon dispensing robot TH-2004D-KJ Fluid dispensing robot
Epoxy resin dispensing robot    
Standards: CE approved
Liquid ratio: 1:1-3:1 (can be adjusted)
Viscosity: <10000cps
Tank: 1gallon (Other capacity can be chosen)
Mixing method: static mixer
TH-2004D-AB Epoxy resin dispensing robot        
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