Desktop Vision System
Automated glue dispensing system Automated silicon dispensing system Automated fluid dispensing system
The 3 axis automated dispensing system from TianHao delivers easy automation for precise fluid application with a simple vision camera. The vision-guided automated dispensing system, designed and configured for precision and simplified usability. Use easy teaching options to simplify the setup and programming processes An intelligent dispensing solution that is capable of automatically process require.
TH-2004C-K Automated glue dispensing system TH-2004C-KG Automated silicon dispensing system TH-2004C-KJ Automated fluid dispensing system
Automated AB glue dispensing system High precision dispensing system with servo-motor driven ball screw design  
The vision system is supplied complete including PC, ensuring all components are compatible, thereby eliminating any costly start-up issues and reducing the learning curve. Desktop 3 axis Automated dispensing vision system boast a robust servo-motor driven ball screw design. This feature allows for heavier tool loads on both the worktable and the z-axis making this robot tough enough for a wide range of automated applications that typically can not be done on a desktop robot.    
TH-2004C-AB Automated AB glue dispensing system TH-2004C-servo-motor driven ball screw design High precision dispensing system with servo-motor driven ball screw design    
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