Desktop industrial robot with screw valve
Production Intruduction

The precision screw metering valve dispensing robot is different from dispensing robot with air pressure,the driver is stepper motor and ball screw,it can quantitative accurately every time and won’t be affected by change of viscosity.

Parameters for screw valve  
The minimum quantitative 0.001g
Accuracy of quantitative ±1%
Maximum speed It can be designed according to process requirement.
Suitable viscosity 200000-1000000cps
X/Y/Z working range 300 x 300 x 100mm
Standard CE Approved
XY/Z Maximum Load 12kg / 3 kg
XY/Z Speed 0.1-800/350 mm/Axis
Repetitiveness ±0.02mm/Axis
Data memory capacity 10000 file.each file with 8000 programs
Drive System Precision micro-stepper motor
Transmission Timing Belt/ Precision Linear Guides
Edit Programming Handheld Programmer
I/O Signals 4 Inputs / 4 Outputs
Patterns Dots, Line, Potting, Filling, Encapsulation, Sealing, Coating, Jetting
Power Supply AC110V/220V Internal conversion
Working Temperature 0 ~40 °C
Relative Humidity 20-90% (no condensation)
Dimensions (W x D x H) cm 65X55X65
Weight with packed 40kgs


Complete accessories dispensing kit
1. DH-3310D Robotic  1pcs DH-3310D
2 Teach pendant/ fix frame 1pcs DH-DT001
3 Teach pendant Cable line 1pcs DH-DTC01
4 Dispenser 1pcs Custom-made
5 Dispenser fix frame 1set DH-DXF03
6 Dispensing valve 1set  
7 Dispensing tip 10pcs  
8 POWER cord 220V 1pcs DH-DP06
9 Manual operation 1pcs  
10 Ex-work Report 1pcs  
11 Machinery certificate 1pcs  
12 Warranty card 1pcs  
13 CE certificate 1pcs  
14 Catalog 1pcs





1. Suitable for liquid material with high viscosity that affected by temperature,high process requirement with quantitative accuracy,the process that need change the amount of liquid material frequently.
2. DaHua’s robot can dispense patterns of dots,strips,arcs and patterns on different planes or curved surface with automatic control panel.
3. DaHua’s robot has high working speed and efficiency,the maximum is 200 dots per second.
4. Easy to operate and edit program,you can learn how to operate within half an hour.
5. DaHua’s robot easy to install and work steadily,the perpendicularity of axis X,Y,Z is high,the array of product is precision.
6. DaHua’s robot has a large capacity which can store 9999 files.And you can backup files in computer because of the connection.
7. Our working panel contains the function of correction on original point,it can work separately without regulator which is convenient to manage for factories.
  • Suitable for all kinds of high viscosity liquid material on product surface finish filling, coating, binding technology, main application optical electronics, microelectronics, new energy and other fields.

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