Syringe barrel
Production Intruduction

A fluid management system defined by its carefully designed and precisely engineered dispensing components. Together these components provide a superior industrial dispensing experience, resulting in reduced waste and greater accuracy.

• Syringe barrel and cartridge systems improve yields and reduce costs by producing accurate, repeatable fluid deposits.
clear Amber Barrels(280-350nm)
type part# Qty/bag type part# Qty/bag
3CC TH1E03 50 3CC TH1A03 50
5CC TH 1E05 50 5CC TH 1A05 50
10CC TH 1E10 50 10CC TH 1A10 50
30CC TH 1E30 50 30CC TH 1A30 50
55CC TH 1E55 50 55CC TH 1A55 50
Amber Barrels(240-550nm) Black Barrels  block light
type part# Qty/bag type part# Qty/bag
3CC TH1AA03 50 3CC TH1B03 50
5CC TH1AA05 50 5CC TH1B05 50
10CC TH1AA10 50 10CC TH1B10 50
30CC TH1AA30 50 30CC TH1B30 50
55CC TH1AA55 50 55CC TH1B55 50
Blue Barrels electrostatic block Japan barrel
type part# Qty/bag type part# Qty/bag
3CC TH1B03 50 3CC TH1J03 50
5CC TH1B05 50 5CC TH1J05 50
10CC TH1B10 50 10CC TH1J10 50
30CC TH1B30 50 30CC TH1J30 50
55CC TH1B55 50 55CC TH1J55 50
TH1P Safety piston TH3E  end cap and tip cap
type part# Qty/bag type part# Qty/bag
3CC TH2S03 500 3CC TH3E03 800
5CC TH2S05 500 5CC TH3E05 800
10CC TH2S10 500 10CC TH3E10 800
30CC TH2S30 500 30CC TH3E30 800
55CC TH2S55 500 55CC TH3E55 800

PP piston for dispensing stringy,thick materials

Unique snap-on design for leakproof barrel sealing.

300CC Syringe  
Capacity 300CC syringe to use directly.
When.makes the syringe uses the glue dispensing to be clean.
If add  material to using must add material mouth, Pressure-regulating valve installment with Support and so on.
Add material facilitates extremely.
Meet the position with glue water.
Is suitable in each kind of glue water.
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