Assembly line robots
Gantry-Cartesian robotic systems Cantilever Industrial Robot Led light Assembly line robot
The Gantry-Cartesian robotic systems can be easily integrated with in-line industrial automation. Gantry industrial robots have all their axes above the work area making them ideal for large dispensing applications and jobs requiring a fourth axis such as when using a spray valve. The robot TH-206H-Z2 are servo motor driven ball-screw design canti lever robots. A specially ruggedized aluminum structure prevents flexing and vibration while maintaining functionality, providing a precision multiple axis robot ideal for conveyor fed applications. Many projects also require all moving axes to be above the workstation. The led light assembly line robot is fully-automated fluid dispensing for highest quality and yield through industry-leading dispense accuracy and process controls.
TH-206H-Z1 Gantry-Cartesian robotic systems TH-206H-Z2 Cantilever Industrial Robot TH-206H-Z3 Led light Assembly line robot
Assembly line robotic systems    
The Cartesian-Gantry construction of these industrial robots allows easy integration over existing automated conveyor products.        
TH-206H-Z4 Assembly line robotic systems        
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