Digital dispenser-Eight programs
Production Intruduction

The latest in digital controller technology with a clear digital display. Digital dispenses timed micro shots from 0.001 to 0-99.99 seconds. The digital dispenser has three modes of operation, manual, timed and cycling. Eigh programs may be stored in the controller memory. Suitable for use in bench dispensing or integrated to an automated system.



Standard CE Approved
Control by air and electric
operating Model Manual, Timer, Cycle
Internal Memory 8 Memory locations
Leak-proof function Vacuum device
Dispensing time 0.001S-99.99S
Repeatability +/-0.01%
Frequency >600times/minute
Air output 0.1bar-7bar
Air input 1bar-7bar
Input voltage 110 VAC or 220 VAC
Internal Voltage 24 VDC
Weight 3Kg
Size 28.1x21x7cm




1. High performance controller Simultaneous display of all dispensing parameters simplifies process control.
2. Stores up to 10 dispensing routines, Memory the values for dispensing until you set the values again.
3. Once programmed, air pressure automatically adjusts as fluid gets thicker or thinner. 
4. High quality with the functions ; minimal amount dispensation control, high -speed work, and automatic dispensation and automatic stop by the interval work. Programmable Timer 0.001S-99.99seconds High Precision Dispenser brings a new level of accuracy and consistency to processes with fluids.
5. The digital dispenser has three operating modes (Timed or steady, cycling operation).
6. Teach function, Eliminates guesswork and fluid waste.
7. Vacuum control stops liquids from flowing after dispensation finishes.
8. The digital timer displayed on LED in manual mode makes it easy to set time.
9. Use of metal quick connectors, loading and unloading more convenient, durable.
10. The pedal /ring/inductive switches can be chosen.
11. Complete with an accessory dispensing kit.
12. QUOTE USA high-speed solenoid valve MAC.
13. Quote Japan CKD Precision pressure regulator .
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