Rotary Table Glue Dispenser for Loudspeakers
Production Intruduction

Rotary tables Dispenser are used for semi-automatic dispensing applications of rotary parts, table for dispensing circular beads, such as adhesives, cyanoacrylates, UV cure resins, anaerobic on circular parts up to 15" in diameter. Designed for dispensing adhesives onto speakers and for speaker coil assembly may help you to efficiently increase the quality of the product, reducing the production cost and promoting productivity. Widely used in energy industry saving lamps, motors, end caps, oil seals, bearings, panels, etc.

Standard CE Approved
Max ID ¢200
Drive Precision step motor
Adjusting way universal adjustment of frame
Motor speed 1~300 Cycles/minute
External Interface T&H dispenser
Frequency >100time/munite
Input Air pressure >5 bar(1bar =1.01972kg/cm² =14.5038psi)
Input voltage 110/220VAC(Internal conversion)
Relative Humidity 20~90%(no condensation)
Size (WxDxH) mm 255 x 360 x 380mm
Weight 10kgs



1. Can requires you to setting time before the delay and after the delay, dispensing time, motor speed, even on the glue, non-contact trace.
2. Use imported Slide cylinder, so the machine run will be quick and stable, to avoid the mechanical movement error.
3. A unique universal adjustment of frame, and equipped with precision micrometer fine-tuning device, can be fast and accurate adjustment of the work piece with dispensing head range.
4. Use precision stepper motor, so that the process of dispensing uniform strips.
5. Based on the product, process requirements can be flexible with any of a T&H Dispenser and other assistive devices .
  • energy saving lamps
  • motors
  • end caps
  • oil seals
  • bearings
  • panels
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