3 Axis series robotics automated dispensing systems
Desktop Vision System TH-206H Gantry robots TH-2004D Dispensing robots
The vision system is supplied complete including PC, ensuring all components are compatible, thereby eliminating any costly start-up issues and reducing the learning curve. The compact Gantry robot is suitable for use on any type of product on table no allowing be moving for dispensing/coating process. saving costs in material waste, rejects, time and labor. robots for automatic dispensing of adhesives, liquid Gasket,epoxy resin,UV glue materials. TH-2004D Series automated dispensing system features a simple-to-use Teach Pendant for quick setup and easy programming.
TH-2004C-K Desktop Vision System TH-206H-AB TH-206H Gantry robots TH-2004D-K TH-2004D Dispensing robots
Desktop Industrial Robot    
Desktop industrial robots are an ideal robot for automating a current dispensing application. With the various work areas offered almost every application can be fitted on one of the DH-3310S models. Use easy teaching options to simplify the setup and programming processes.        
DH-3310D-W Desktop Industrial Robot        
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