Fluid dispenser
Dispensing controller 310ml Cartridge dispenser Dual cartridge dispenser
Dispensing controllers providing precise control when applying adhesive, glue, silicone, RTV, cyanoacrylate, grease, anaerobic and UV cure resins. The TH-2004KG Featuring a larger internal air solenoind that require immediate and fast reaction for de-pressurization. The TH-2004KG allows you to set the level of suck-back and measure any level of fluctuation in pressure while dispensing. The model TH-206AB is an excellent cost-effective solution in industrial automation systems for low volume mixing and dispensing of two-part materials supplied in dual cartridges. The fully portable bench-mounted system is simple to install and program for accurate two-part dispensing.
TH-2004K Dispensing controller TH-2004KG 310ml Cartridge dispenser TH-206AB Dual cartridge dispenser
Metering & mixing dispensing machine Dispensing valve controller Programmable dispenser
The TH-2004AB metering & mixing dispensing machine is a cost effect solution,suiting for the low viscosity material and A.B mixing ratio from 1:1 to 3:1 by weight. Dispensing valve controller provide precise time, fluid pressure, and speed control for the valve. Then put push-button adjustment of valve open time where it needs to be — at the valve. Maximize automated assembly machine efficiency and convenience. The Programmable dispenser with versatile design, makes it perfectly suited for a wide variety of dispensing applications; from microdot deposits, lines, to large potting and filling. This new advancement in dispensing technology allows the user more control over their dispensing applications. Alarms can be set to notify the user when material life had ended or meet the using life.
TH-2004AB Metering & mixing dispensing machine TH-2004KJ Dispensing valve controller TH-206F Programmable dispenser
Pick-up systems Peristaltic pump dispenser  
Vacuum pick-up systems are designed for delicate handling of small parts and components, including miniature, surface mount and chip scale packages. The TH-206B peristaltic pump dispenser transfers low viscosity liquids by pressure displacement applied to a turning rotor against a tube carrying material. Usually these pumps are chosen because the liquids are hazardous or difficult to work with and it is advisable to limit operator contact. Another reason is that peristaltic pumps are air free.    
TH-206M Pick-up systems TH-206B1 Peristaltic pump dispenser    
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