President Oration

"Based on credit, prioritized on focus,insist on perseverance". This is my understanding to my life, working and doing business over the past years. I will never forget all steps of life and business friends who carried and supported me in my entrepreneurial process. I extend my heartfelt thanks and sincere wishes to you!

As I review the past, I return along from a thick way. Especially as a forerunner of dispensing equipment in China, after some years focused on building by the team, under the help and support of friends from all walks, we have created a number of dispensing machines patented technology and developed " TianHao dispensing machines" into a well-known brand. The products of TianHao have been exported overseas, and we established a long-term cooperative relationship with many foreign distributors.

Today, I lead TianHao business team to sail again. The enterprise will change from customized production to mass standard production. We already had Formed four series products to the core of TianHao dispensing robot. On the new journey, we also need your attention and suppuration, and looking forward more cooperation, more communication and better service for you. Thank you!

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